CES 2017: Airwolf 3D makes a big appearance superior HydroFill water-dissolvable bolster material

California-based Airwolf 3D today declares the arrival of HydroFill Water-Soluble Support, the world’s first profoundly powerful launderable bolster material for substantial ABS and PLA parts.

Intended for use with any brand of perfect Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer, the new fiber withstands high temperatures, firmly bonds with ABS and PLA plastics and flushes away with water.

As of not long ago, the most fundamental strategy for utilizing backing is to utilize a similar material that is utilized for the question being printed. Here, the support is raised comparatively to framework on a building and “props up” any steeply calculated shades. Alluded to as “fragile” support, this sort of support is successful, however can be muddled, tedious, and hard to evacuate by mechanical breakage or trimming.

“A few articles are even difficult to print in light of the fact that while the interior geometry of the part requires inward support, the external segment of the outline makes it amazingly troublesome, even outlandish, to get inside the question keeping in mind the end goal to evacuate its inner bolster material,” said Airwold 3D. Many have attempted to take care of this issue with bolster structures that should disintegrate in water or different chemicals, yet none of them have demonstrated exceptionally fruitful.

“Since we began Airwolf 3d filament once again four and a half years back, our clients have been requesting a dissolvable bolster choice that really works,” said Airwolf 3D Co-Founder and Lead Designer Erick Wolf. “We at last defined the principal genuine, water-dissolvable fiber on the planet and something that makes HydroFill truly one of a kind is that it works wonderfully when making expansive ABS parts. Notwithstanding when presented to high temperatures, HydroFill keeps up its basic trustworthiness while as yet washing ceaselessly effectively with water.”

Hydrofill Water Soluble Support was created at Airwolf 3D in conjunction with Prof. Miodrag “Mickey” Micic, Sc.D., Ph.D., a division executive and teacher of building outline innovation at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA.

“HydroFill is an exclusive, polymer-mix definition that is perfect for printing dissolvable toolings and also pontoons for vast surface-zone parts,” clarified Prof. Micic. “It is the primary reasonable dissolvable bolster material on the planet that breaks up in clean water without the utilization of any burning chemicals, cleansers, or solvents and without the utilization of uncommon gear like ultrasonic or warmed showers. HydroFill is a widespread, green science arrangement.”

HydroFill Water-Soluble Filament is estimated at $98 and will be accessible in both 1.75 mm and 2.88mm distances across.


Most HydroFill structures break up in 1 hour or less

Emphatically bonds to ABS, PLA

Promptly dissolvable in clear water – no requirement for solvents, acidic items, cleansers, or uncommon hardware

Prints at an indistinguishable temperature from fundamental print material (190-240°C)

Net weight: 2 lbs

Airwolf 3D will make a big appearance the solvent bolster material at CES 2017 in Booth #42838.

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